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What's Here? Why this document? See the Introduction and find out.   Introduction
What's Here?
Why This Document?

Technology Some important background basics. The difference between Constant Angular Velocity and Constant Linear Velocity.   CD Media Background & Basics

CD-Digital Audio: the original flavor. More than you probably want to know about digital audio CDs.   CD-DA (Digital Audio)
CD Physical Structure
   -- Summary of CD Physical Specifications
   -- Reading with a Laser
   -- A Little Optics
CD-DA Logical Structure
   -- How Long is the Spiral?
   -- Bit Density & Encoding
   -- How Large is a Bit?
   -- Encoding, Frame Structure & Error Correction
   -- CD-DA Storage Capacity
   -- Error Correction & Measurement
   -- Frames, Blocks & Subcodes

CD-ROM: Turning the audio CD into a medium for computer data required some reorganization of what went on the disc.   CD-ROM
Physical Structure
Logical Structure
   -- Disc Layout
   -- Sectors, Sections & Digital Data Tracks
   -- EDC, P-parity & Q-parity
   -- CD-ROM Storage Capacity
   -- Error Correction & Measurement
   -- Volume & File Structure

CD-R: "Write-Once" recordable CDs. Low prices enable almost anyone with a computer to produce their own CD-ROMs and audio CDs.   CD-R
CD-R Standards
CD-R Compatibility Requirements
CD-R Physical Structure
   -- Pregroove, "Wobble" & ATIP
   -- Disc Application Codes
   -- Power Control (OPC) & Program Calibration Area (PCA)
CD-R Layout
"What Kind of CD-R is Best?"
   -- Colors, Dyes & Metal Layers
   -- Identifying the Manufacturer & Dye Type of a CD-R
   -- Some Opinions...
CD-R Volume & File Structure

CD-RW: Recordable CDs that can be erased and rewritten, like a diskette or Zip disk.   CD-RW (Re-Writable)
CD-RW Physical Structure

Articles How does recording speed affect results? Are discs recorded at 1x or 2x more reliable?   Is it Better to Record at Slower Speeds?
Data Integrity
Data Longevity

Not really long enough to be an article...   Labeling -- Will A Sharpie Ruin My CD-R?
Resources Lots of links to other on-line CD resources. Selected bibliography to dead-tree resources as well.   Resources (Links)
Other Resources

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