JavaScript Example 2-1
Floating (Remote) Windows

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The first part of the example code is from Dr. Clue's Javascript tutorial,

The second part is based on some code from Netscape.

Sample Code

A floating window should pop up as soon as this page loads:

  <body onload="LaunchRemote()">

which calls the following JavaScript function:

    var Wremote = null;
    function LaunchRemote()
         szoptions = 'width=500,height=200,resizable=0';
         Wremote ='', 'YourRemote', szoptions);
         if(Wremote != null)
            if(Wremote.opener == null) 
                Wremote.opener = self;
            Wremote.location.href = 'example6-remote.htm';

Writing to a remote Window

Here is some sample code from the section of Netscape's JavaScript reference manual.

Click here to launch a new remote window and write to it.

The link above uses an href to invoke a JavaScript function as follows:

<a href="javascript:launchRemote2()">here</a>

The launchRemote2 function is as follows:

var msgWindow = null;
function launchRemote2() {"","displayWindow","menubar=yes")
      ("<HEAD><TITLE>Message window</TITLE></HEAD>")
      ("<CENTER><BIG><B>Hello, world!</B></BIG></CENTER>")

I wanted to see if we can write more to the window after it is open. So click here to try it. The link calls the following function:

function write2() {
      ("<BR><BR><CENTER><BIG><B>Here's Some More Text!</B></BIG></CENTER>")

Let's try to write a link... Click here. The link calls the following function, "write3()":

function write3() {
	 '<BR><BR><CENTER><BIG><B><a href="javascript:window.close()">CLOSE WINDOW</A></B></BIG></CENTER>')
As you can see, it works great!
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