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  • 2006-02-06 Replaced outdated Netscape links with docs.
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What's Here?

A collection of links to on-line JavaScript reference material, tutorials, and other resources that I have found useful in the past. This list has had only minor updates since December 5, 2000. I did preen the links, and begin adding some DHTML info as of November 2002, and replaced outdated Netscape links in February 2006.

Chip's JavaScript Tutorials
My own small collection of tutorials and examples. JavaScript Main Page
The main JavaScript page at the Mozilla Developer Center.
Netscape/Mozilla JavaScript 1.5 Reference Manual
The latest version of what was once the most-detailed and convenient on-line JavaScript language reference manual.
Netscape/Mozilla JavaScript 1.5 Developer's Guide
The companion document to the RM is more readable and topical.
W3C HTML 4.01 Specification (December 24, 1999)
In particular, Chapter 18 on Scripts discusses the whole subject of embedding scripting languages in HTML documents.
Microsoft's MSDN Library (Redesigned June 2001)
Use the Table of Contents to go the Web Development Section, and note especially the JScript® section. JScript® is Microsoft's extended implementation of ECMAScript, the formally standardized version of JavaScript. In June 2001 Microsoft merged their old Web Workshop into their MSDN Library The original workship index is still available here.
DHTML Central
The name pretty well sums it up. Good source of tutorial material, DHTML examples and components.
Brattli's DHTML Library
Thomas Brattli's JavaScript library for doing DHTML, from DHTML Central. To view the library code in a new window click here. It will much more sense if you also visit Brattli's introductory DHTML Library Tutorial. Then you may want to see his more advanced Library tutorial, Making a DHTML Script.

Local Demo: Brattli_DHTML_Lib/examples.html
Home: DHTML Central (
Last Updated: 2001-07-05
Dr. Clue's JavaScript Tutorials
When I started learning JavaScript, I found Dr. Clue's tutorials to be helpful, despite their being rather terse. Dr. Clue offers some interesting JavaScript packages.
The JavaScript section of a public knowledge base. It contains a very nice collection of random JavaScript arcana. You can post questions and someone may answer them.
IPlanet's View Source magazine
This old Sun "webzine" includes some excellent articles. They don't seem to be publishing any new content -- as of this writing the last issue February 2000. But the articles are still good.
The IRT (Internet Related Technologies) site has a huge amount of resource material for JavaScript and many other web technologies such as HTML and XML. IRT is where I got the idea for putting the pale green boxes around code examples.
UIUC "JavaScript for Language Learning" (cached)
Very useful collection of JavaScript reference links.
Newsgroup netscape.devs-javascript
This is a private Netscape newsgroup that you will not find on other news servers. For information on Netscape newsgroups click here.

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