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ccBrowserInfo is a simple PHP class for browser (user agent) detection. It provides sufficient browser differentiation to handle most common coding problems.

A more elaborate solution is to use phpSniff ( phpSniff is much more rigorous in discerning user agent distinctions, offers more functions, and has a considerable amount of field usage. But it is too elaborate for my taste or needs. The phpSniff home page itself is a demonstration of phpSniff, and offers a wealth of useful information.

ccBrowserInfo is directly inspired by browser.php from the SourceForge 2.5 distribution. Other influences are sniffer.js from Netscape, as distributed with HTML_TreeMenu (, and phpSniff.

The first version of ccBrowserInfo was created 2002-01-01, by Chip Chapin.

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Source Code

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A SourceForge project.
The Browserlist Project at
Useful listings of user agent strings, but mostly inactive since June 2000. See especially here.



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